EMN Annual Conference 2014

The European Migration Network Conference 2014 on Irregular migration and return: challenges and practices was organised by the National Contact Point for Greece, within the framework of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU Council. 

 Some 180 participants attended the Conference, including representatives from the European Commission, 28 EMN National Contact Points, international and regional organisations (e.g. the Fundamental Rights Agency, IOM, Migration Policy Institute), National and International Academics and researchers and representatives from Governmental Departments in third countries. The EMN National Network for Greece was also significantly represented.

The aims of the EMN Conference 2014 were to highlight and further develop synergies in the work of EU and National institutions and agencies relevant to the theme, and to further raise awareness about the work of the EMN and its sub-group, the Return and Reintegration Experts' Group (REG) on this important topic. In particular, the early findings of two of its upcoming Studies were presented:

(a) The use of detention and alternatives to detention in the context of immigration policies; and

(b) Good practices in the return and reintegration of irregular migrants: Member States' entry bans policy and use of readmission agreements between Member States and third countries

Following the official opening of the Conference, four Panel discussions were held, covering the topics of effective cooperation for return which focused on cooperation (I) within the EU and (II) with third parties; (III) incentives for return and reintegration, and detention and (IV) alternatives to detention