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About studies/Reports

Among the main tasks of the GR EMN NCP is the submission of the national reports, either they are the “focused studies” or the “Annual Policy Report”.

The study topics are being selected by the Steering Board and are usually related to the field of migration and asylum. The procedure of the selection of the study topics entails four steps: i) the submission of the study topics, ii) the consultation iii) the voting and the iv) the approvement of the Steering Board  

Under the supervision of the  European Commission, the national contact points of the EMN form the specifications of each study to be followed by the 29 NCPs  (28 member states and Norway), for conducting their national reports.

According to the Work Program of the EMN  2015-2016, four focused studies are foreseen, each year, analyzing specific issues in the fields of migration and asylum. 

The Annual Policy Report provides with an overall insight into the most significant political and legislative (including EU) developments, as well as public debates in the area of migration and asylum. The synthesis report of the Annual Policy Report serves as a timely contribution to the Commission’s European Pact on Immigration and Asylum.

In this website, all the studies, either the focused studies or the Annual Policy Reports, the GR EMN NCP, submitted throughout the past years, are uploaded.